Dean Robert Golden Thanks the SMPH Community

Dear colleagues,
Every day, I am profoundly inspired by your individual and collective acts of dedication, compassion, innovation, and bravery. Before the horrible term “COVID-19” was coined, we dedicated ourselves to the task we labeled “Building Community.” That is precisely what you are doing, in the broadest and most meaningful sense of the Wisconsin Idea.

Our learners have accepted a very different educational experience, without complaint and with their prototypic “can do” attitude. For example, our fourth-year medical students created a fantastic virtual Match Day celebration, showing their characteristic creativity and commitment to mutual support.
Our staff are finding approaches for advancing our missions in a way that embodies the best public health practices. Their dedication to serving our patients, populations, learners, and one another is truly remarkable.

Our faculty have really stepped up to the plate, in a variety of ways that reflect both the breadth of our activities and our common commitment to a shared vision. All of us deeply appreciate the amazing bravery of our clinicians and clinical staff who are serving on the front lines of this horrible battle. Our educators have taken on the overwhelming task of rapidly converting our educational programming to safely delivered formats. So many of our scientists have donated their expertise, as well as their equipment and supplies, to the cause. And your administrative leaders, including our department chairs, department administrators, and the school’s leadership team, are working around the clock.

Someday, this terrible epidemic will end. While we all hope and pray that day comes soon, we also know that it won’t be soon enough. I take solace that we will come out of this with our values and dedication intact– in fact, strengthened and reaffirmed. For that, I thank each of you. It is an overwhelming honor to be part of the SMPH family.

Please take care of yourselves, and your families. Thank you so much. On Wisconsin!