March 18, 2020 COVID-19 SMPH Update 


  • We anticipate additional guidance about research activities from campus leadership later this evening or early tomorrow. Stay tuned.
  • [Repeated from 3/17 Update] Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene requests specific reagents that are in short supply nationally; these reagents are needed for future contingency planning. Learn more

Request from UW Health Employee Health Services: 

  • Non-clinical SMPH employees and SMPH students should not call UW Health Employee Health Services (EHS), which is presently overwhelmed with phone calls, voicemails and emails. SMPH employees who are in need of medical care should contact their primary care provider. Students can contact University Health Services or their primary care provider. See “Expected Response Times for Employee Health Services Due to High Volume; Employee Testing by Referral Only” on U-Connect (requires UW Health login)
      • On behalf of Beth Potter, MD, associate professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and EHS Medical Director


  • Here are some teleworking tips that we’ve received from SMPH colleagues in response to yesterday’s call for suggestions. Have others to recommend? Let us know.
    • “We’ve just discovered Microsoft Teams and it’s invaluable.” – Kirsten Dennison, Department of Human Oncology.

Note: Microsoft Teams is an instant messenger in Office 365 that is campus-supported. It does have other capabilities beyond chats, such as calls and meetings. The ability to invite non-Microsoft accounts as Guests can be highly valuable. Best use: To instant message team member(s) on correspondence that needs a rapid response, rather than an email message getting lost in an inbox. Excellent for quick check-ins since you can’t stop by a colleague’s office when working remotely. See: Office 365 – Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

    • “One of my departments has created a private Facebook group to share positive stories, wellness tips, and support their work together. This way they have one place to gather and share in the remote work environment and not with another email. Thus far, over 40 people have joined it. I think this is amazing!” – Tina Petrick, SMPH Office of Human Resources


Building access and security updates:

  • An update from the SMPH facilities group is available.


Staying strong & supporting one another: