SMPH COVID-19 Building Access Updates for March 18, 2020

Details for SMPH authorized essential services personnel about building access are listed below. Please note that according to campus guidance on March 17, 2020, the only employees physically working on campus are those needed to deliver essential services that cannot be done via telecommuting.

Loading Docks

Loading Docks are considered to be an essential service.

Contact people for loading docks:

WIMR: David Downing (backup: Jess Hisel, Mark Wells)

Medical Science Center: Mike Sauk (backup: Jess Hisel, Mark Wells)

Loading dock managers are charged with ensuring that they have emergency access to -80˚C, -20˚C, and 4˚C freezers/refrigerator for any package that is not picked up.

Groups are responsible for picking up their mail and packages from the WIMR or MSC Docks. No more than ten people will be allowed on the dock at one time.


Building access

HSLC and MFCB main doors require a UW Health ID card or UW–Madison WisCard ID for entry, and may only be accessed by authorized personnel. WIMR exterior doors will remain unlocked per normal schedule to allow patient access to clinical spaces. All interior doors in WIMR research laboratory spaces require WisCard access.


Laboratory PPE

Ensure that any PPE in laboratory spaces is secured. Conserve use of PPE, as supplies are limited nationally.


SMPH Facilities Operations Updates

  • Office Allocation Report project is on hold
  • Space requests are on hold, but requests may still be submitted through the facilities request form for processing at a later date.

— Mark Wells, Assistant Dean for Facilities