Request for testing reagents

Request for testing reagents – March 17, 2020
The Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene, like all state and large public health labs, is currently at full sustainable capacity testing for COVID-19. The biggest strain on the lab currently is access to necessary reagents for nucleic acid extraction platforms. State Lab is in search of these reagents for future contingency planning and is asking anyone able to help fulfill their request to be in contact (contact information below).

The needed reagents include:

1. MagNA Pure LC 2.0

    • Total Nucleic Acid Kit, Cat. No.03038505001
    • Plates, tips, tubes needed to run MagNa Pure LC 2.0 extraction runs


    • all 6 components (same components as EasyMag): buffers, beads, etc.

3. QIAcube HT

    • QIAmp 96 Virus QIAcube kit, Cat. No. 57731
    • QIAcube HT plasticware kit, Cat. No. 950067

If you think you can help, please contact:
Pete Shult,, 608-224-4328 or 608-262-5419
Alana Sterkel,, 608-224-4277
Allen Bateman,, 608-224-4254