LCME preparation addresses hot topics

LCME has standards and elements of performance that medical schools must meet in order to receive accreditation. Although all are important and will be addressed in the school’s institutional self-study, certain standards or elements emerge from time to time as “hot topics,” areas that LCME emphasizes or notes as salient across the schools evaluated in any given year.

This year about a dozen hot topics have been identified that are important for the SMPH community to be aware of. Our LCME institutional leaders have asked content experts within the school to share information on how SMPH is addressing each LCME hot topic.

Each topic is featured in a video on the LCME website, accompanied by a one-page flyer summarizing key points. Videos include:

  • Dr. Gwen McIntosh (above), assistant dean of student services, on interprofessional collaboration
  • Kendra Hogan, of the office of education and academic affairs, on affiliation agreements
  • Dr. Kurt Hansen, assistant dean for admissions, on final authority of the Admissions Committee
  • Dr. Byron Crouse, associate dean for rural and community health, on non-involvement of providers of student health services in student assessment
  • Dr. Gwen McIntosh on self-directed and lifelong learning
  • Dr. Byron Crouse on preparation of residents and non-faculty instructors
  • Dr. Shobhina Chheda, assistant dean for medical education, on narrative assessment and fair and timely summative assessment
  • Dr. Christie Seibert, associate dean for medical student education and services, on curricular management